Understanding Pros and Cons of Air Bag Suspension

Nowadays, air bag suspension systems have becomes an integral part of custom automobile culture. Along with cars, trucks, buses and semi-trailers, the air bag suspension systems are also used to by motorcycles and street rods. In simple words, air bag suspension can be described as a specially designed vehicle suspension system that is powered by an air pump or compressor. The airbag or compressor can run through electric or engine.

Unlike earlier versions of the system, the air bag suspension systems are complex. But the air bags are still made by combining rubber and polyurethane. In addition to making the air bag air-tight, the toughness of the material further protects it from dirt, debris, sand and chemicals. However, the air bag suspension systems come in a variety of shapes.

The double-convoluted bag is shaped like an hourglass to provide additional flexibility. The tapered sleeve bags are easy to adjust and can be fitted in a tighter area. But the rolling sleeve bags are designed for specific applications. So the user has to decide the shape of the air bag based on the model and design of his vehicle. However, each shape of the airbag suspension system is designed with features to offer the same benefits to the driver.

You can always consider investing in an air bag suspension system to boost your ride quality. The traditional spring suspensions often make your drive harsher. But the high quality air ride suspension will make your vehicle glide seamlessly over bumps. So you can always enjoy a cushy drive regardless of the roughness or bad condition of the road. The system is further effective in improving the towing capabilities of trucks, SUVs and similar large vehicles, while making it easier for these vehicles to carry heavy load.

However, you must choose the high quality air bag suspension systems designed by experienced professionals. Just have a look at the air bag suspension systems provided by Airbagit.com, and choose the best options to make your riding more cushy and fun.