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What Makes Drivers Invest in Air Lift Suspension Systems

A constant increase is noted in the number of drivers installing air lift suspension systems to make their vehicles more versatile and comfortable. Some of the latest models of cars also come with pre-installed air lift suspension systems. Like other spring-based suspension systems, an air lift suspension also controls movement of wheels on rough and imperfect roads. But the system uses bags of pressurized air to support the weight of the vehicle. The air lift bags further enhance the efficiency of vehicles to carry heavy load.

Most cars use steel coil springs as an important suspension component. But the steel coil springs are more prone to wear and break. So the coil springs needs to be replaced at regular interval to drive the car smoothly. The air lift suspension system enables drivers to remove the conventional steel coil springs. Thus, the space under the vehicle remains free. The free space is used by the components of air ride suspension like air bags and compressors.

The automotive engineers can further arrange these mechanical components in a number of ways to boost the performance of the car. Unlike the spring-based suspension systems, an air lift suspension system enables drivers to raise or lower the vehicle without any hassle. A driver can simply raise the vehicle farther from the ground by inflating the air bags by putting additional air pressure. Likewise, the vehicle can be easily dropped closer to the ground by lowering the air pressure.

The effectiveness of air lift suspension system in raising or lowering the ride height makes it suitable for buses and motor coaches. The manufacturers widely used air lift suspension systems to enable drivers to adjust the ride height while loading and unloading cargo. Further, an air lift suspension system allows drivers to avail the benefits of fully hydraulic suspensions without spending a lot of money.