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The most compelling reason to buy from us is that we are
NOT a Virtual Store Front. We started this same business 22 years ago and we are in the same location. This means we will be there if there ever is a problem, and we ship IMMEDIATELY. Others have it drop shipped from a 3rd party vendor, and if you have a problem, you have to deal with several people and companies. I started this business in my garage, now we own over 105,000 square feet of manufacturing on 4 acres dedicated only to Air Suspension. We are the actual Manufacturer and personally design each product we sell. We built the first front and rear FBSS kit in 1996 and all of the others followed us, including Ridetech, EasyStreet, and Airlift, Arnott, and a host of lessor named small companies which have gone broke over the years.

My name is Mike and I own Air Strut #6,382,602 We certainly know more about Air Struts and Air Springs than anyone else. Each strut is built to be an exact replacement for your factory strut.

My only job is to monitor customer service and see that your order gets shipped promptly. To prove this, send me an email, you will discover that even though we have 50 people on staff, that each email, and each order is viewed by my eyes. I recognize that email is the most important way to communicate. I do this up to 18 hours a day and I either answer directly or I monitor my staff to see that your requests are promptly answered. Go ahead and try it!

We ship 98% of our products within 24hrs on normal business days, Monday thru Friday. Do not be fooled if a competitors price is more. (more because they say it is better) Absolutely untrue. Our prices are lower because we do NOT DISTRIBUTE thru a food chain where everyone gets a piece of your pie, resulting in a higher price. When you deal with us, you only have one person to go to if you have a problem.

AIRSPRING INSTALL AND PROPER CLEARANCE!! Airsprings are used on every Semi on the road and all high end cars. Mercedes, Jaguar, Lincoln, Ford, BMW, and more. If a bag loses air, it will naturally move to its' lowest point. Abrasions from metal parts is the most common problem. We do not install Airsprings, and cannot be responsible if the installer causes the bag to come in contact with any other object during the full travel up and down. When a bag blows because of contact, the buyer is quick to blame the bag, and not the installer. Even on the same make and model, there are differences from the factory. Auto frames are not Aero Space engineering and many issues cause differences in tolerance: Tire size, wheel size, normal wear, frame tolerances from the factory, which factory produced the vehicle, mid-year changes and on and on. THE INSTALLER is responsible for clearance. Don't take his word for it, have him show you, and prove to you there is absolutely no contact from any other component. The brackets have to be adjusted, or metal trimmed, or simply exchange for a smaller bag. Note that the larger the bag diameter, the less psi it takes to lift, resulting in a smoother ride.

SHIPPING: if a part is missing, or we made a mistake, reshipping is shipped using the same Ground or Air Shipment of the original purchase. We do not ship next day air, unless next day air was selected on the original order.