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Everyone claims their compressor is the best in performance. We are no exception, so here I will post the specs and facts from competing websites and performance charts. I will explain below what to look for in a compressor.

Thomas Air Compressors have had a corner on the towing kit market reaching back 20 years. The beginning of Air Suspension to raise and lower the driving height of a 4-wheeled vehicle dates back to 1996, when Joe Morrow AIM INDUSTRIES, installed Air brackets and bags on the front of a Pickup Truck. This is when it began, and no amount of research will show any different. Simply go back to Truckin Magazine, Circa 1996 and see for yourself….

Thomas Compressors are great compressors, but they are intended for Towing Kits instead of 4-wheel FBSS. They have a 20% dutycycle. (this means it must cool down 5 minutes for every minute it runs. The duty cycle is how much time the compressor can safely run within a given period of time, expressed as a ratio. For example, a common duty cycle for compressors is 50/50, (most ViAirs are 50%) meaning that the compressor motor can run about half the time it is supplying air when you are “playing” with your bags... 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off. During the "on" time, the motor is pressurizing the tank. During the "off" time, your suspension is running on the air stored under pressure from the tank. If you are “playing” and draining the pressure off too fast, the compressor engine must run at more than a 50/50 rate which will lead to overheating and significantly shorten compressor life. Maximum psi is only an indication of quality reflected by how high the compressor can pump.

Our DC2500, DC5000, DC7500 are all 100% Dutycycle, meaning they can run continously.

NEVER fill an air tank over 185psi. While tanks have a burst test of 200psi +, you are gambling with your safety. In the rare event of a tank bursting, it is like a grenade, so if exceeding 185psi, DANGER USE ONLY COMPRESSED AIR CYLINDERS if exceeding 185psi.

DC1000 1/4hp 150psi Max Weighs 3lbs

Used for Motorcycles and applications with limited space. The force to lift a motorcycle is far less than a 5,000lb vehicle with passengers. This does a great job

DC2500 1/3hp 235psi Max Weighs 12lbs

The DC2500 is a continous duty compressor, which means you can run it forever up to normal psi’s of 135 or under. This compressor is well suited for users that use their air suspension normally instead of hopping and display.


DC5000 1/2hp
Max 205psi Weighs 17lbs

Time to fill a 5 Gallon tank to 200psi 6 Minutes, 40 seconds

50 PSI100 PSI150 PSI180 PSI200psi



dc7500 (1).jpgDC7500 3/4hp Max 235psi Weighs 18lbs

Time to fill a 5 Gallon tank to 200psi 4 Minutes, 39 seconds

50 PSI100 PSI150 PSI180 PSI200psi




There is not another compressor out there that can outperform our DC7500. The DC7500 is an increase of 50% in HorsePower over our proven DC5000 above.

VIAIR 480 1/4hp 50% dutycycle Max 200psi Weighs 11lbs

50 PSI100 PSI150 PSI180 PSI200psi




ZENITH 1/4hp 50% dutycycle Max 200psi Weighs 11lbs

50 PSI100 PSI150 PSI180 PSI200psi




NOTE: According to Air Zenith website, there compressor draws 35 amps at 200psi. This is NOT GOOD ! Higher amps = High Battery draw, heat and no benefit.

We simply do not believe in underpowering an Air Suspension system with a “toy” compressor that weighs only 6lbs. We advise only a 17lb 100% Dutycycle compressor such as our DC5000, DC7500. They are all 100% dutycycle, which means they can run all day, all night without having to rest.When choosing a Compressor, do not cut corners. Start out with the largest compressor in the beginning, rather than be sorry later. Compressors are the most abused component of any airride system. Sure, the compressor will pump up as high as 250psi, but you will shorten the life drastically. Imagine blowing a balloon up.... 120psi, no problem, but after 120, back pressure will puff out your cheeks. As backpressure increases, the pump works harder to make small gains. The magic number for a compressor is to shut off at 135psi. If you require more psi to lift your vehicle, your bag diameter is too small. This is where you would consider installing a 2nd, or even 3rd compressor to share the workload. You never will have a problem with a compressor if you use 8 Gauge wire, and install a 100% dutycycle solenoid, and a sensible 110on / 135off pressure switch. NEVER, run a compressor with the engine off, or on the bench, without a Positive charge. You will burn it up immediately!

This happens when you restart the compressor at a psi over 135psi. What happens is the head-pressure has not bled off and there is too much backpressure on the piston. To solve this, you need to have a pressure relief valve to bleed off headpressure, or simply crack the fitting to create a small air leak until the compressor breaks in. Don’t worry about your tank bleeding down, that is what a check valve is for.

Rebuild kits are available for our DC5000 and DC7500 Compressors.