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Tow kits are generally installed wrong by Installers and cause a rough ride.

Customers have the idea that if they add an Air Spring that it will ride smoother.   It will NOT ride smoother unless you follow the procedure below:

Airsprings take the place of your overload springs, so this means that YOU MUST REMOVE OVERLOADS !!  In many cases, you will want to remove an additonal leaf, or even 2 or 3.  Leave at least a minimum of 3 leafs on your spring.for fullsize trucks, or 2 for mini trucks.  Generally, Dually kits are mounted outside the Frame Rails (between the frame and the tire, and there is not enough room for a larger bags in most cases.  In this case, you can  specify a BUMPSTOP REPLACEMENT TOWING KIT.  It will mount inboard and allow you to use a larger bag.  You will need to weld the brackets in place.

If you add Air Springs and do not remove your spring pack, your vehicle will ride ROUGHER, not Smoother because all you are doing is building extra pressure on the spring to lift.             Before buying, measure the maximum space you have available and always order the largest bag you c an fit without rubbing.  Most Competitor's kits come with a one size fits all #2500 6.25" diameter bag.  This is wrong.  The larger the diameter, the smooooother...  the ride.  a #2600 bag requires 7.25" in the clear.  A #3800 bag requires 8.50" in the clear.

Here is what Jeff Randol from Greeley, Colorado, just one of our many pleased customers, is saying about OUR new Air Spring Suspension Tow Kit!!!

From: Jeff Randol []
Sent: 2009-08-14 12:12
Subject: F250- Lovin it!



I've had a chance to get out and put ~ 100 miles on the truck and I am loving it!  I have the rear bags set at 21-22 lbs, and the fronts at 53 lbs.  It rides perfectly level at this height and the ride is incredible.  I need to find a same year truck and setup as mine around here to measure against, mine at these air settings may sit a touch lower than stock but I'm not for sure on that.  Here are some immediate things I noticed:

- Ride obviously substantially better
- Truck is more responsive in turns
- Here's one I wouldn't have thought of:  the truck is quieter!  Less road noise.  The truck was tight before (no squeaks or rattles) but there is definitely less road noise now.  I guess if you think about it, metal on metal (spring on frame) wouldn't leave anything in there to dampen road vibrations.  The Air bags must act as a sound dampener?  By how much of a difference I'm not too sure, I'll need to compare against same truck w/ stock suspension, but I'm sure it's quieter.
- No lunging under heavy braking.  I had to brake pretty hard and fast on the highway today.  I noticed the nose didn't drop like it would with the stock springs on there-very cool!

All in all very happy with it!  Do you have an FTP folder upload the video too?  I have 1.3gb (compressed) of video during the build.  Also, can I somehow get the video you guys took of the completed build? 

Thanks again guys!

Jeff Randol
As Seen In Off-Road & 8-Lug Magazine: TechArticle.pdf

Here is video sent in by one of our satisfied customers...