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FACTS: SPECIAL NOTE: NEGATIVE reviews stay on the web forever. Other companies come an go, or are brand new, giving the impression of no negatives. If we received 5 negatives a year for 30 years, we would have 150 negatives. DO THE MATH... Go to our EBAY store and find out the truth. We have a 98.8% Positive Customer Review Rating. We ship 800 items each and every day. Considering we have a 1.2% Negative rating, it translates to less than 1%. A competitor, shipping 10 items a day at 1% simply does not equate to 800 items a day at 1%. It is all in the math. How could we stay in business 30 years if we did not make our customers happy? Time in business is never considered when a Negative appears. Perhaps some brilliant programmer will figure it out some day and give the consumer the TRUE PICTURE Since 1987, AirBagIt has been the leader in aftermarket air suspension kits. If you have a need for suspension, we can help you. Browse through our full line of suspension kits, Spindles,4link kits, air lift suspension, lowering kits, lambo doors, train horns and so much more.

If you need to speak with the most knowledgeable suspension professionals in the industry just pick up the phone and give us a call. One of our suspension specialists will help you from start to finish. Thanks in advance for your business! Overseas customers, please email us for much lower shipping rates. Returns: No returns without prior approval. If no Return RA# on box, we will refuse it. If you paint, cut, modify, install, or use the product, no returns. Restocking charges up to 35% apply unless we made a mistake. No returns on CUSTOM orders, no returns after 30 days. Shortages or damages must be reported within 24hrs. IMPORTANT: Always check bag travel before permanently bolting or welding brackets in place. If the bag rubs throughout any part of its travel, you must do whatever is necessary to ensure it does not rub. Abrasions from rubbing are not covered by warranty, they are the responsibility of the installer. Take note that all vehicles are not created equal. Different tires, wheel offsets, Factory tolerances can be different vehicle to vehicle. Just because a bag does not rub at ride height, does not mean it will not rub at lowest, or extended travel. We cannot install the bag for you, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as an installer to follow stated procedures. if it rubs, don't drive it!

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Need help Call (USA only) 800-842-8789. 1-480-668-5448 International. Before you buy, read Knowledge Base under RESOURCES on Home Page at airbagit . Com We are the manufacturer, we ship to you within 24hrs after order. In business 26 years!

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If you are placing an international order. We recommend that you email us so that we can help you find the best carrier with the lowest possible rate for your order. The shipping rates that are listed below can be very expensive for our international customers. You may either click HEREto email us or click COUNTRY CODES to call us in Arizona at 480-668-5448

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Find exclusive deals on air lift suspension, air bag suspension kits, air suspension parts, air valves, lambo doors, train horns, lift kits and lowering kits. We build custom suspension solutions for nearly all makes and models of vehicles. Just take a look at our online catalog or give one of our specialists a call and we will help you find what you're looking for.