AIR FITTINGS CAN BE PROBLEMATIC Avoid problems and follow these steps:

Cut airline with a sharp tool perfectly straight

COMPRESSION FITTINGS are the best, but some installers do not use the best, because generally the ferrule (small circle) needs to be replaced if you remove the fitting and reinstall. Ferrules are available thru us, or any hardware store.

PUSH TUBE FITTINGS are the easiest to use and can be installed in tight places where a wrench might not fit in the case of compression fittings. Constant removing and replacing can cause a sealing problem.


The BEST SEAL TO USE BY FAR is the color BLUE LOCTITE. Be SURE to let the Loctite set for 15 minutes

Before applying air. Even large leaks can be sealed this way.


DO NOT allow Loctite to drip into the system. If you use Teflon tape, do not allow the tape to restrict or enter the orifice. Do not over-tighten as you can strip, or damage parts