4LINK & C-SECTIONS   4Links replace the Leafsprings on most trucks and older model cars.  If you do not remove the leafsprings, you cannot lower your vehicle.  Removing a leafspring or 2 will not allow the vehical to drop at all.4Links allow the rear chassis to drop down to the frame, which is about 4-5” before coming in contact with the frame.  To go lower, you must C-Notch the frame.  Here is an example on a Chevy Colorado C-Section
TRIANGULATED WELDON   This is the most popular kit because of the price.  It is available in both lite and HD versions.  It requires bag mount option, not shown
PARALLEL WELDON   Welds onto the frame and axle housing
TRIANGULATED BOLTON for Mini Trucks   Bolts onto the rear axle pumpkin
STREET SCRAPERS   Are Bolton for the enthusiasts that wants to lay it on the pavement