AIR STRUTS  Take time to read this and Learn about your Airstruts. It will save you a lot of time and money. Our Airstruts come just the way you see them in the pictures below, with a new air strut that has a shaft 35% larger than most factory struts and are 100% direct bolton. Take a look at this link and see the difference for yourself>>>> NEVER waste your money on a “UNIVERSAL” Strut .  Universal means:  They do not fit, and you have to Drill,Cut,Weld, and when you finish, it is still a piece of junk.   We own Patent 6,382,602  for Airstrut conversions, so we certainly know how to build them.  Be careful if you are buying Airstruts from anyone else but us;  the price might be lower, but you will get less for your money, and it WILL NOT be 100% bolton.  They will sell you a strut that is “Universal” and they certainly will not tell you that ours is Factory Bolt on.  Airlift Company( Easy Street) is one of these Companies, and Universal Air is another.  If you do not see your vehicle listed, We still have it!  just email me:   and I will give you the information. Another big mistake is to buy an airstrut from others that install a bag that is too small in diameter, like any bag under 6" in Diameter... Our struts come with a standard 3” drop, unless you tell us different.  You can choose your ride height to be Factory, 3” Lower, 3” Higher, but you MUST specify when ordering.  If you want the maximum possible drop, then click this link and provide the measurements to us:  HOW TO MEASURE MAXIMUM DROP