CIRCUIT BREAKER KITS & CHECK VALVES   All Compressors must have each of the following:
Steel Leader Hose to accept the hot air coming off of the cylinder, usually 12” to 18”
Backflow Check Valve  all compressors must have a check valve to keep air from bleeding back thru the cylinder head and dissapating to the atmosphere.  Without a check valve, your tank will bleed down & your compressor will kick on when your pressure switch detects low pressure.  It will keep you from being flat on the ground in the morning.

Circuit Breaker Circuit Breakers protect your compressor from overheating or from excessive draw on your electrical system.  Check Valves are also used between the air tank and the valves to keep bag pressure from bleeding back into the tank when a demand (such as an airtool) or a leak originating from either the tank or the valves. In this case, bag pressure would drop causing you to wrongly think there is a leak in the bag or airstrut.