PRESSURE SWITCHES  We offer Pressure Switches of every size and color, but.... Do not install a pressure switch that is not matched to your system and compressor size.  While a higher PSI Switch allows your tank to build up to higher pressures, remember what I keep preaching....  If your bags require more than 125psi to lift, then you simply have the wrong bags. the larger the diameter, the less psi it takes to get to ride height.  If it takes you lover 100psi to get to ride height, you can be sure of one thing:  It will ride like a Buckboard.    Pumping to 180-200psi might seem cool, but it is very hard on your compressor, and takes forever to get there, because the more backpressure created, the harder the pump has to work, and the longer it takes to get there.  Try blowing up a balloon and see what happens to your lungpump as the pressure increases.  90 on 120 to 135 off is acceptable.  Anything over that is ego working against you.