REMOTE CONTROLLERS Remote Controllers are use for everything from Shave Doors, Trunk Release or even for Airride Bag Controll
3   Function Remotes are used for Shave Doors, Trunk release, or Tailgate Release, short burst.
12 Function Remotes  First 4 are momentary for Shaved Doors, Trunk, functions that require a short burst.
Next 4 are 10-second for front axle up/down,   rear axle  up/down, or for Left Rear and Right Rear bags on Towkits
Next 4 are 45-second duration for Linear Actuators, Lambo Doors, Tonneau Covers, Hoods, etc, Components that
require a extended run time.

24 Function Remotes.  Control all aspects of FBSS Air Suspension.  Each Corner, Pancake, Side toSide, and more