WHAT SIZE AIRTANK?  Bigger is not always better.  It depends on how you use it.  Using a tank bigger than what you need merely means you are going to demand more from your compressor as it takes longer to fill and runs hot as a result.  A DC7500 is larger than Viair’s or Zenith’s largest compressor.  Still, we tell you to mate it to a 3 Gallon tank. If you want to go to a 5 Gallon tank, the DC7500 is a 100% dutycycle compressor and will handle it, but 2 DC7500 compressors is the real answer.  We do recommend that you UPGRADE the steel tank that comes with your system to a Stainless Steel or an Aluminum tank to avoid rust contamination of your valves and your system.  Our Stainless tanks are tested to 1400psi.  See picture at the right.  1400psi is Crazy, and it is a good thing than DC Compressors cannot pump past 250psi, otherwise there would be those out there trying it.  Remember what I am telling you...  If your bags require more than 125psi to lift your vehicle, you have the WRONG bags, plain and simple.  Larger diameter bags require less psi to lift, so why should you call on your compressor to pump over 135psi, unless you are just out for bragging rights and you want to abuse your compressor.  If you want to abuse your system, go to compressed air, beat your suspension up, and be done with it.