2-POSITION VALVES It takes 8 2-Position valves for FBSS (Front/back/side/side)  One valve for UP, one valve for DOWN for each airbag. You should NOT consider buying and install 8 loose valves as shown upper left.  Read on below and only consider the 8-Valve Air-Engine Manifold completely plumbed and wired.

There are all kinds of valves on the market, and none of them have been manufactured strictly for vehicle air suspension except our Air-Engine shown to the left below.  Air Suspension on vehicles is relatively new, starting in 1994 when we put the first vehicle on 4-wheel air suspension.  As Pioneers did, we started with the “wagon wheel” and eventually designed and built an “AIR-ENGINE out of 8-Brass Valves engineered for unrestricted air flow and exhaust.   Over the years, the valves have proved to be the weakest link up until the Air-Engine.  The Air-Engine uses the proven reliability of Brass Valves with Diaphragms.  They are indestructible, and to prove it, we offer a lifetime defect warranty.  This means we will repair them FREE if you ever have a problem except normal wear and tear, which means maybe replacing the Diaphragms every 5-10 years.  You can do this without taking the valve apart, just remove 4 screws, slip the new Diaphragm in and you are done.  TAKE SPECIAL NOTE:  Valves do not like water, oil, and debris, so to keep your entire system dry from condensation, and free from introducing debris like Pipe Dope, Teflon Tape remenants.  I am going to show you how to do this.  While we offer Water Traps , the best possible solution is a CommercialDryer and Air Heater , same as the ones on every Mack Truck and Diesel Hauler on

the road. It will keep the air in your system circulating at 72 Degrees and expels moisture automatically upon reaching 120psi For those of you in the cold country, we offer a Dual Valve Heater for our Air Engine, which keeps the valve temperature at 72 degrees or above.Our AIR-ENGINE  comes 100% wired and plumbed.  Nothing else to do.  No Nightmare of 100 fittings and a 1/2 mile of wiring.  Just Plug it in and Play

And I would like to make another point.  Others talk about their valves being manufactured in the USA.  This is simply untrue.  SMC, GC, PARKER, AIRBAGIT, they are all made in China, and if they tell you different, they are either lying to you or do not even know the origin of the product they are selling.  Just because a product has a distribution center in the USA does not mean it was manufactured in the USA.  Do a search on Parker Valves China to prove my point.  Try this link:  PARKER VALVES CHINA     Be sure to understand the relationship between your valves, bags and Check Valves.