WATER TRAPS, AIR DRYERS, VALVE HEATERS all work together to keep your system clean, free of moisture, and valve heater in cold weather.
Moisture from condensation, and rust from the inside of steel tanks are the worst enemy of your system.  You’ve spent a good deal of money on your system, so you should wisely spend a little more to protect your system and always have warm circulating air flowing.  Here is how you do it:
UPGRADE your system to a Polished Stainless Steel Airtank.
Water Traps   Water traps come in two options.  One is a manual drain which everyone either forgets to drain, or it becomes a nuisance.  The other is an Automatic drain.  Compressors condense air which develops water/moisture in your system.  A Water Trap can take a portion of the moisture out, but not all of it.  Some of the water will end up in the bottom of your air tank where it will develop rust in a ferrous steel tank.  You can install a drain valve and empty it from time to time, but it is also a nuisance, and you still are left with moisture circulating in your system.  Commercial Freightliners all have Air Dryers,  air heaters, and water expulsion system that removes all of the moisture and circulates 72 degree warmed air throughout your system.  And it is 100% Automatic.


Air Dryers    Air Dryers have an oil filter size Filter attached to a 12Volt Heater that injects 72 Degree air into your system, and at the same time, it ejects any moisture it traps.  The filter is good for 6 months and we stock replaclement filters.  The Filter uses a dryer dessicant that removes the smallest of moisture and debris elements.  The most harmful thing to your system and your valves is water.  A 12Volt timer is used to regulate the purgeing valve.

Valve Heaters    We offer optional Valve Heaters (includes 2 heaters) which  are wired and plumbed to your Air-Engine maintaining your valves at 72 degrees no matter what the temperature is outside.