AIR FITTINGS  Hose must be cut clean and even with a very sharp blade.  Fittings are the most problematic part of your system because of installation procedure. We get the blame if a fitting leaks, but leaks are caused mostly by installers who insert the airhose, then decide that the length or routing is wrong, then they removed the airhose, reinstall only to find it leaks.  Her is how you do it:  You can remove the airhose and reinstall it, but be sure to have extra ferrels on hand.  Ferrels are the small oblong tapered bushing that goes on the airhose before the fitting is installed.  If you remove the hose after installation, you most always need to install a new ferrel.  They are cheap and available at your local hardware store, or Home Depot.  I have yet to find an installer that installs the fittings wrong and admits it.  But we are here to help.  If you mess up a fitting, we are happy to send you another if you just pay the postage. No questions asked...  Push-Tube fittings can  also leak if you remove the hose and reinstall as well.  Slow down, and measure twice, CUT ONCE.  Use only Blue Loctite.  If you use Red, the fitting cannot be removed after once used 

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