Take the time to read this and Learn about your Airstruts. It will save you a lot of time and money. Our Airstruts come just the way you see them in the pictures below, with a new air strut that has a shaft 35% larger than most factory struts and are 100% direct bolton. We own Patent 6,382,602  for Airstrut conversions, so we certainly know how to build them. Be careful if you are buying Airstruts from anyone else but us; the price might be lower, but you will get less for your money, and it WILL NOT be 100% bolton. They will sell you a strut that is “Universal” and they certainly will not tell you that ours is Factory Bolt on. Airlift Company( Easy Street) is one of these Companies, and Universal Air is another. If you do not see your vehicle listed, We still have it! just email me:  and I will give you the information. Another big mistake is to buy an airstrut from others that install a bag that is too small in diameter, like a #800 or #110//9000 type bag... Click here to learn more>>>

Most Commonly Asked Questions

I do not see my vehicle listed.  Do make a kit for my vehicle?   Learn more

How long does it take to install my kit, and what should I pay?   Learn more

What happens when I am driving and lose Air Pressure? Learn more

How long do Airsprings last?  Learn More

What should I use for Air Management?  Learn More

How long will it take my kit to ship?  Learn More

Who are our Competitors in this business, and why should you buy from us?  Learn More

What is the Warranty on our Air Suspension?  Learn More

Should I buy Air Shocks to replace my coilsprings, or bags & brackets....... LearnMore

I am an experienced installer and I want the maximum possible drop........ LearnMore


Shipping International is Expensive, follow this link, we will save you a lot of money.   Learn More>>>>>

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IF I HAVE NOT CONVINCED why you should buy from us, here is the clincher......

I am the owner  (Joe Morrow) and have been in this same business for 24years in the same location.  No other owner gets involved the way I do.  I put it right out there on the Home Page..  Email me if you ever have a problem, and I personally will see the problem is taken care of..  Right NOW!!  You do not have to go thru 3 people to email me.  I am here 7 days a week to resolve any issues.  And you can be sure that our Competitors do not like us.  While they are on the Golf Course, I am here shipping your products and making you happy.  While I can make you happy, I can never make my Competitors happy....  but I am here for you, not them.    Thank you for putting up with me.... Email me:

If things do not go right, then you email me. 


I do not see my vehicle listed.  What should i do? We have it.  Just email me...

How long does it take to install my kit, and what should i pay? Be careful. Inexperienced installers will probably overcharge you for the learning curve. With Air Struts, you simply take out old strut and bolt new one in exact same place.  Instructions>>  Bags & Brackets require you to removed Coilsprings and replace the Coil with Bags & Brackets. Air Management  can be extremely costly if you do not purchase Plug & Play.  Plug & Play   requires no plumbing except for running the airlines to each corner. Installers can spend 2-3 days chasing down wiring, plumbing, leaks.  Be smart, buy ONLY PLUG & PLAY Install yourself, or get a FIRM quote from an installer before proceeding.

What happens if I am driving and lose Air Pressure?  How long do Airsprings last? Airsprings are not anything new. Used on Lincolns, Fords, Cadillacs, Mercedes Benz, BMW for many years.  Check valves should be installed between the valve & each airspring, so that if pressure is lost in the system, bags will still be fully inflated. If one bag goes down, it only goes down 2-3 ” for normal installs you can continue driving.  Chances of a bag blowing are next to zero... Every Kenworth & Mac Truck on the highway has airspring suspension.  They outlast the life of the vehicle so long as you make sure they do not come into contact with any bodypart during there travel. If anything comes into contact, it is installer error, be sure to verify clearance. If your kit does not have bag check valves, between valve and the bag go to  this link >>>>>>>>>

What should I use for Air Management? Don’t Pennypinch on air Management.  Either start out with the simplest Schrader Valve Manual Fill, or get the Plug & Play. While it might sound like it costs less to assemble 100 fittings,valves,wiring, it DOES NOT.  Plug & Play is the only way to go. 

How long will it take my kit to ship?  First, we never charge your card until we ship it.  It usually takes 48hrs to ship any kit that requires an Airstrut.  Most others are shipped within 24hrs unless it is a special build.

Who are our competitors in business, and why you should buy from us? We have no problem providing you with the website links of our competitors.  They are on this link   >>>>>>>>>>>>
You should buy from us because we are a Real American Manufacturer, selling direct to you.  We do not have a distribution network that compels us to charge more so everyone can get a piece of the pie.  This is 2011, not 1990. The Internet allows you to buy it direct and ship it to your door
What is the Warranty on our System?
Our Warranty requires NO PAPER WORK or proof of purchase.  We have the simplest warranty in the world.  If you are the original purchaser, there is no limit in time on our Warranty, except for Electrical.  Electrical issues are 6 Months,  and all other products are Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing defects.

I am an experienced installer and want MAXIMUM drop......You control maximum drop by giving us the measurements , or you can choose to weld your own Clevis on at maximum drop.  If you choose this option, you MUST have a Certified TIG welder weld the bottom ring to your struts.   The height of your tires limits the amount of drop you can achieve.  It is all up to you

Should I buy Air Shocks to replace my coilsprings, or bags & brackets? Air shocks look pretty, but beware...  While we offer both, Air Shocks can only compress to 9.5”, Bags & Brackets can compress to a maximum of 2.8”, so you be the Judge.  Do you want more travel, or just want to be pretty.  Not to mention Air Shocks cost about double.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES..... If you are International, DO NOT complete your order online.  Email us:   to get a shipping quote to your door.  Our rates are WAY LOWER than what UPS charges online.

Learn More....Ride Height is a personal thing. 80% of all Airkits we sell are setup to find the “SweetSpot” at 3” below factory height. If you want to maintain Factory Height, you MUST advise us at the time of order.If you want to ride 3” above Factory Height, you MUST advise us at the time of order If you want to reach the lowest possible drop, then click on the link below and tell us you want to go MAXIMUM low. The MAXIMUM is 1/4” above the tire before it hits the bottom of your strut as in figure 3 to the left. You can drop the strut (figure 3) just above the tire, because the strut is fixed at that position.

Use largest diameter possible. Competitors use a smaller bag, knowing it is a more universal type fit because it is smaller. They have no idea of how much room you have available for your struts. Larger the diameter, smoother the ride. Airshock above is known variously as:  800/7000 and is sold by our Competitor, Ridetech & Airlift. It is a quality product, but it simply the WRONG for the job.  It easily fits so many applications because it is only 2.75” diameter, & therein lies the problem.  A Strut body is 2” diameter, that only leaves 3/4”  (0.75) for air displacement.  It will ride like a buckboard because it takes too much pressure (psi) to lift up the axle in your vehicle, & is overpriced.  We have no problem with you visiting one of our competitors to compare.  Go to:    or  , see for yourself. Also, do not expect competitors to embrace us. Consumers are more aware than ever that it is E-Z for a Competitor to talk bad about someone’s product when the price is lower, not to mention the obvious:  There product is most always UNIVERSAL. The 4.00” bag above is known as a 110/9000 and is 4” diameter.  A good quality bag, but  should never be used on the front because it simply will not lift a heavy front end and ride as soft.  Now that you have “listened” to me, let me give you the biggest reason of all to buy from us....We are a manufacturer, not a virtual store-front repackaging our products. We sell you direct.  You do not have to go through 2-3 Dealers/Distributors.  This means, you only deal with us and do not have to wait days for an answer to a question. Email me:  and try it!  The person that answers the phone is the person that takes care of any issues.  We do not Dodge the Bullet.  Airsprings are used on every Transport Truck and Disposal Trucks in the world.  They are proven.  If an Airspring fails, it is because something came into contact with it and rubbed a hole. (Usually installer error)  In the unlikely event you should ever have a problem,email us,  and find out what customer service is all about.  You will not have to go thru 3-5 people, 3 Companies and wait for an answer that may never come.


Ask yourself why our competitors do not use the bags we are showing you below.  It is simple:  THEY DO NOT HAVE THEM TO OFFER....  





BAGS/BRACKETS INSTALL  Always fit LARGEST bag possible, even if you have to trim, or relocate a ShockAbsorber.  Most  CoilSpring applications requires a shock absorber relocation kit. Original shocks are aprox 3-4” too long. If you do not replace them, they will bottom out & you will wonder why your vehicle rides so rough.Heavier the frontend (or rear) more air volume it takes to lift.  Larger the bag diameter, the less psi to lift.  An example would be the front of a big-block Chevy.  It WILL NOT lift with a 6.25” diameter bag, and you must trim the frame spring pockets to fit a larger bag.  A even better optionis to go to a 8.50” diameter bag using spring-pocket Eliminators..  Now it will ride like a car...  Bags/Brackets are used mostly on the rear of a car when leafsprings are not present.  It is a very straightforward install requiring minor welding.  Here is how it works...1- Remove the factory coilsprings, which will be replaced with the airspring.  Remove any bumpstop if it interferes.  The height (and placement) of the brackets determine the ride height and each of you will have a different interpretaion of the ride height you desire.  The shorter the bracket the lower the ride height.  You get the idea.2- Only tack-weld the bracket in place until you have put the vehicle thru its’ travel and are satisfied.  Don’t worry, you can always go back to coilsprings