Circuit-Breaker 50Amp use with all compressors to protect them.


Solenoid Relay 100Amp 100% Duty Magnetic Relay Selenoid, protect compressor


Circuit-Breaker with Soleniod & Steel Hose, & Check Valve. 100% dutycycle.


40Amp Relays


3-Position Self-Center Electric (4 needed for FBSS) 13/16"x9/16" (20mmx15mm) Install them into your console or where ever you can dream up


3-Postion Toggle Switch, returns to center. Controls valve up/down. 4 needed for FBSSS. Make your own switch box, or mount it any place you can imagine!


12-Prong Switch used for all corners up/down at once.


E-1318 Push-on, Push-Off 19mm mounting hole 4amp, 2pin. Mount it under fender to open your shaved doors, or any other use.


Controller 24 Function Wireless Remote controls 24 FBSS up/down functions up 75' away!


Controler 12 Funtion Wireless Remote controls 12 Full FBSS and you shaved doors or trunk and whatever else you can dream up.


Controller 3 Funtion Wireless Remote controls 3 funtions shaved doors or trunk


Controller Dance Pad make you ride react as you step. Up/Down/Pancake


Controller Game Pad 14 function with relays. Controll complete FBSS


Digital Gauge, 5-Postion 150psi 4"x2 1/2" (3 3/4"x2 1/4" opening in dash aviable also in 200Psi


2-Dual Air Pressure 150psi Gauge Pannel, with 4 Electronic Switches, Full FBSS


Air Pressure 200psi Gauge Panel, 2 3-Position Switches. Wire to valves.


Smart-Ride Complete FBSS with Senders. We install it on your Plug&Play no extra charge. When you purches a Plug&Play!


5 & 8 Position Switchboxes for complete FBSS

$59 and Up

10-Switchbox 30-Position for complete FBSS