Plug-N-Play with Air Engine Option

Plug-N-Play Air Engine Option 1
AIR-ENGINE This is our newest offering in Plug & Play. Uses the famous dependability of Brass Valves and is available in 3/8" 150psi, or 1/2" 300psi. All fittings are compression. The valves have digital green and red LED indicators to show when power is applied, including a DC480 Compressor. (not shown) If the Diaphragm seals ever need replacing, you do not even have to disassemble the valves, just remove the solenoid install new seals. (If you ever have to) Compressor is DC480
Plug-N-Play Air Engine Option 2
Digital Gauge Option
1-2 $300
3-4 $283
5-9 $272
10+ $249
DIGITAL GAUGE with 5-Readouts give you complete control of your pressures at each bag and at the tank. Comes with 4, 3-Position Electronic Switches to control each function.
Available for 150psi or 300psi readouts.
Smart Rides UPGRADE Option
Smart Rides UPGRADE Option
When purchased as
UPGRADE to Plug-N-Play.
SMART-RIDE 5 presets control your height, and airtank pressure. When you buy a SMART-RIDE, we install 100% of the wiring for you and program it for you. The Senders attach directly to our AIR-ENGINE in place of the analog gauge and airlines. Compressor is DC480
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