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Vertical & Lambo Doors

What Are Lambo Doors?

Everyone loves their car; they are always adding new modifications to it to make sure that it stands out from the rest. Many people usually put modifications such as changing the color of the car, adding rims, changing the interior or varying the exterior. One of the most popular additions to the car is that of vertical doors or lambo doors.

Lambo or Lamborghini doors is the street name given to vertical doors. These additions to cars allow people to open their doors vertically, somewhat like the popular sports car the Lamborghini. These doors usually come in a kit and they can either be welded or bolted on with special hinges. Typically they can be opened at various angles, from 70 to 120 degrees. People love this because it makes their car stand out and gives it a new dimension.

Lambo doors have become very popular over the years, especially when TV shows such as MTV pimp my ride, and magazines like Fast Car, Max, Redline, etc are featuring cars regularly with lambo door conversions.

Vertical doors or Lambo door system is a universal fitted hinge system that converts your car doors to open up Lambo style. Each of these kits are universal replacements for your current hinges. The doors aren't actually replaced on the door hinge, therefore once the modification is done the car doors open vertically instead of the standard outward opening (just like a Lamborghini).

Definition of Lambo Doors

Typical time to fit lambo door hinges for a novice installer is about 2 - 3 days. The more experienced may easily be able to finish the conversion in less than one day (this depends on the make and model of the car). Fitting lambo doors to a car wont effect the MOT status in the UK in anyway and the conversion is road legal.

There are many type of lambo door hinges on the market, with car specific ones to universal lambo doors which can fit more of less any car, however some welding work maybe required.Lambo Door Kits

Only the front two doors of a car can be converted to lambo doors, it is not possible to convert the rear two doors. Its not only cars that lambo kits are limited to, but also MPV's, vans, 4x4's, SUV's, etc.

A complete lambo door kit would contain door hinges and gas shocks. Lamb doors are the same as vertical doors, people just choose to call them that. These doors are special, as they are able to be opened vertically. This is the same as Lamborghini sports vehicle; that's where the name comes from. The door can be open upward at 90 degrees or at other angles between 70 and 120. People love to install these modifications because it makes their car look different.

Do Lambo Doors Make Your Car Or Truck Look Good?

When you purchase these door kits, you have the option of installing them two different ways. The two types of lambo door kits are the ones that are bolted on, or the ones that are welded on. Each one has its advantage and disadvantages which will be discussed below.

Typically the bolted doors are the more popular type. The pros in using these types of kits are the fact that they are easier to install. When they are bolted on the car you can easily adjust and align them, so that they fit properly; Its also makes it easier when you want to change your doors back to the stock, if you plan on selling. The con is that jerking and shifting while driving can cause the bolts to shift.

Welded lambo doors are also popular and it has its own advantages and disadvantages. The pros in using the welded doors are the fact that they can hold everything firmly in place. You also won't have to worry about shifting. The con in using these types of doors are that sometimes the heat caused during welding can damage the paint. It is also very difficult if you plan to covert your doors back to stock.

The lambo doors were developed because of the popularity of the Lamborghini motor car. The car is one of the most expensive vehicles in the world with starting prices of a quarter of a million dollars. This price tag makes the car unattainable by many. One of the aspects of the Lamborghini that makes it special is the fact that the doors open vertically. Many people who saw this would want this style of doors on their car. This is what led to the development of lambo doors.

The cost of lambo doors vary, you have some costing from $300 and others as high as $2000. The price is representative of the quality and style. Some are motorized and you get what you pay for. The average price for a good set of lambo doors is $750. The installation cost will also vary, depending on where you go to get the doors installed. You can expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $1000 for installation. This is all determined by the city and type of body shop that you go to.

Getting Lamborghini doors is the choice of the car owner. It will add style and flair to your vehicle and it is known to be a show stopper at times. Whatever the choice is, if you do plan on getting these vertical doors, then you should do your research to ensure that they work on your car and also how it would look in the end with the lambo doors.